Hornady Ballistic Workshop: Grand Chute, WI: 2015-09-16

Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:30PM - 7:30PM

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Fox Valley TC Public Safety Training Center
W6400 County Rd. BB
Grand Chute, WI 54914

This course consist of 4 hours of specialized training and serves as a comprehensive review of the changes in performance regarding Law Enforcement ammunition, training, and firearms platforms throughout the last 30+ years. We will be conducting a full demonstration on all of the Hornady Law Enforcement/Military Ammunition lines including Handgun, Rifle, Carbine, and Shotgun, as well as the competitors ammunition in a side by side comparison via the FBI Protocol. Throughout this course, we will be looking at the liabilities of over-penetration, under-penetration, not to mention shot to shot consistency, penetration, and expansion. This course also provides insight into the problems that bonded ammunition faces in performance during the FBI protocol - such as why pure lead (used in bonded bullets) does not penetrate gelatin well when shot through auto glass, as well as how twist rates affect handgun ammunition performance and bullet stabilization. \n All Sworn Officers, SWAT Members, Administrators, Forensics, and Training Personnel are encouraged to attend (All recovered ammunition can be utilized by Departments & Forensics for identification purposes following the course). Please feel free to forward this to any other Law Enforcement entities that you feel would benefit from this training experience. Also, please have your Officers RSVP with me via email, so that we can coordinate attendance.