Firearm: 870P Bullet: 3/4 oz. Frangible Slug Muzzle Velocity: 1434 fps Barrel: 18 ½" Total Penetration: 12.0" Max. Cavity: 5.5" Depth to Max. Cav.: 3.0" Entry: 1.0"¸ 12GA. FRANGIBLE 3/4 OZ. SLUG TAP® ENTRY™ ITEM #86245 APPLICATION: ENTRY Hornady® 12 Gauge TAP ENTRY (black hull) is designed to fit a variety of mission applications including entry (limited penetration), breaching, and training. Featuring a ¾ ounce frangible sintered slug, this round produces wound cavities similar to a 308Win, yet minimizes the potential for over-penetration. In most cases, a breacher must transition to an alternate weapon before entering a building, TAP ENTRY provides the capability to breach a door and make entry utilizing thesameweapon.TAPENTRYalsoprovidestheabilitytotrainonsteelsilhouetteswithoutconcerns for ricochets, since the slug disintegrates upon impact, making this an extremely versatile round. BARE GELATIN 3/4 OZ. FRANGIBLE SLUG 18.5" bbl | 870P muzzle 25 yds 50 yds 75 yds 100 yds Velocity (fps) 1575 1347 1169 1048 966 Energy (ft lbs) 1790 1310 987 793 674 SHOTGUN TAP® 12 gauge shotgun ammunition lives up to the legendary Hornady® name in every way – reliable functioning, consistent performance and tighter patterns without modification to the shotgun. Hornady® offers multiple loads specially designed for the type of shotgun you use and the situations you face. Both the Reduced Recoil™ (blue) and Light Magnum® (red) loadings in 00 buck and slug offer reliable functioning, consistent performance, and better patterns than traditional shotgun shells through use of specialized wad technology. Our TAP® Entry™ (black) is designed to be utilized for multiple applications – breaching, entry, and training. SHOTGUN 33 SHOTGUN 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 3 8 - 3 2 2 0