12/2017-10M PO Box 1848 Grand Island, NE 68802 1-308-382-1390 Fax: 308-382-5761 www.hornadyLE.com The Hornady Ballistic Calculator App includes the advanced 4DOF™ calculator as well as a standard BC calculator. • Calculates more accurate trajectories, especially at extreme ranges • Can be used without wireless connectivity • Pre-populated with long range match and hunting style bullets Search Apple and Android app stores. Most ballistic calculators consider three degrees of freedom: windage, elevation, and range. The Hornady® Ballistic Calculator with 4DOF™ (Four Degrees of Freedom) also incorporates the projectile’s movement about its center of gravity and angle relative to line of flight. Its trajectory solutions are based on projectile drag coefficient (not ballistic coefficient), along with exact physical modeling of the projectile, its mass and aerodynamic properties. It also correctly calculates aerodynamic jump, a bullet’s vertical shift as it encounters a crosswind. Using Doppler radar, Hornady engineers calculated exact drag versus velocity curves for each bullet in the database, making the 4DOF™ calculator more accurate at longer ranges than BC-based systems or custom drag curves with limited data. Find the free Hornady® Ballistic Calculator with 4DOF™ at hornady.com/4dof and the Apple or Android app stores. An explanation of the Hornady® 4DOF™ Ballistic Calculator: Why compare the flight of your bullet to a standard G1 or G7 projectile when you can use your own projectile as the standard? FREE BALLISTIC APP WITH 4DOF™