12 GA 2 3/4" Frangible 3/4 oz TAP® Entry™

Item #86245

Hornady 12 Gauge TAP ENTRY is designed to fit a variety of mission applications including entry (limited penetration), breaching, and training. Featuring a ¾ ounce frangible sintered slug, this round produces wound cavities similar to a 308 WIN, yet minimizes the potential for over-penetration. In most cases, a breacher must transition to an alternate weapon before entering a building, TAP ENTRY provides the capability to breach a door and make entry utilizing the same weapon. TAP ENTRY also provides the ability to train on steel silhouettes without concerns for ricochets, since the slug disintegrates upon impact, making this an extremely versatile round.

NOTE: Hornady offers multiple loads specially designed for the type of shotgun you use and the situations you face. Both the Reduced Recoil™ (blue) and Light Magnum® (red) loadings in 00 Buck and slug offer reliable functioning, consistent performance, and better patterns than traditional shotgun shells through use of patented wad technology. Our TAP Entry™ (black) is designed to be utilized for multiple applications – breaching, entry, and training.

This line of ammunition is intended for Law Enforcement sales ONLY.

Product Details


  • Shot Size: 3/4 oz. slug
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1434
  • Firearm: 870P
  • Barrel: 18.5"

Packaging & Lot Numbers

  • 5 rounds per box
  • 20 boxes per case (100 rounds per case)
  • Lot numbers on each box and case
  • Note: One shipment with a single lot number available. Contact distributor for details.
This round has been tested and recommended by the NTOA.
18.5" 870P (18.5")
50 Yards
100 Yards