The Hornady Security® division is our response to the growing awareness of the need to safely store and secure firearms in the home, office, or anywhere firearms are stored. We reviewed the ASTM standards to make sure all Hornady Security® products give users the confidence that their personal firearms will be secure and safe, with the added feature of being easily accessible with patent pending RFID technology on the RAPiD® safe.

Hornady Security® products feature patent-pending technologies to provide firearm owners, or anyone wanting to protect their valuables, enhanced peace of mind. The RFID safes and standard lock boxes are all designed to exceed the stringent ASTM requirements.

Why choose an RFID-enabled safe from Hornady Security®?

RFID technology allows instant access with tags that are programmed specifically for each safe. RFID tags include wristbands, key fobs, and decals. The tag for the wristband is located in the buckle for easy use. The decals can be adhered to plastic, glass, metal, wood - nearly any surface. Many people choose to adhere them to their mobile phone.

By using RFID technology, there's no need to find a key, register a fingerprint , or remember a combination. Plus, the RFID-enabled device can be programmed to read up to four different tags.

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SnapSafe® has a variety of security products and accessories such as safe organizers and gun racks. In addition to safes, we offer lock boxes and specialty safes that can be stored in vehicles, under beds, or built into the walls of your home.

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California DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Devices

We have worked tirelessly to ensure each Hornady RAPiD® Safe and Key Lock Box meets the necessary criteria to be certified as a firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice.