The culmination of a decade of ballistic research and development

Building on the success of Flex Tip® technology in Hornady® LEVERevolution® and Critical Defense® personal protection ammunition, the rugged FlexLock® bullet and Critical DUTY® pistol ammunition is the culmination of a decade of ballistic research and development.

The patented Hornady® Flex Tip® design eliminates clogging and aids bullet expansion. A large mechanical jacket-to-core InterLock® band works to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention, excellent expansion and consistent penetration and terminal performance through all FBI test barriers. The FlexLock® is an “intelligent bullet” that reacts differently depending on the barrier it encounters, delivering “barrier blind” performance after penetrating urban barriers such as plywood, sheet metal and even auto glass.

Bright nickel plated cases eliminate cartridge case tarnish. The highly visible silver nickel simplifies chamber checks in reduced light. Additionally, waterproofing sealant has been applied to the primer pocket and case mouth to prevent moisture intrusion. All Critical DUTY® ammunition is loaded with low flash propellant to help preserve night vision in low-light firing. For the ultimate in tactical terminal ballistic performance through all FBI established urban barriers, choose Critical DUTY® ammunition.


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Critical Duty Ammunition


Incorporates two revolutionary Hornady® features: the no-clog, patented Flex Tip® design and the heavy duty jacket-to-core InterLock® band.


Works to keep the bullet and core from separating for maximum weight retention and proven terminal performance through all FBI test barriers.


Made of high-antimony lead making it extremely tough, delivering controlled expansion for unparalleled terminal performance consistency through all FBI test barriers. It’s also more economical than similar bonded bullets.


Nickel plating resists corrosion and greatly enhances low-light chamber checks. The cannelured bullet with crimped case ensures no bullet setback during feeding.