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Critical Defense®

Ideal for executive protection, undercover operations, close quarters situations, or for use in backup weapons or off-duty carry.

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Critical DUTY®

Law enforcement and tactical professionals now have a truly advanced, 21st century handgun ammunition solution that delivers the most consistent and reliable urban barrier performance ever created!

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Handgun Training™

Designed to complement our existing line of Critical DUTY® law enforcement handgun ammunition.

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Hornady® Match™

Every component of our Match™ ammunition is carefully selected to ensure uniformity and loaded to stringent specifications to provide pinpoint accuracy.

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Designed to meet the needs of the world’s toughest critics, the 6mm ARC 106 gr. TAP® utilizes a purpose built, high-BC bullet designed for barrier blind performance.

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TAP Patrol®

Specifically designed to provide consistent and reliable performance through the FBI protocol when fired through 14.5" – 16" barreled 1:7 – 1:9" twist patrol rifles

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TAP Urban®

The preferred choice for use in SBRs, carbines, and rifles when the probability for barrier penetration is low

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TAP® Barrier™

Designed to allow the projectile to maintain its structural integrity while punching through barriers and still initiate expansion in soft tissue.

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TAP Precision®

The polymer tipped variants have high ballistic coefficients, making them an excellent choice for SWAT precision marksmen.

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With technology from industry leading Critical Duty® FlexLock® bullets, TAP SBR® ammunition provides exceptional performance in suppressed or unsuppressed SBR’s.

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TAP® Blackout

Loaded with a powder that is optimized to provide flash suppression, yet function in short barreled or carbine length rifles

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TAP® Heavy Barrier

Penetrates heavy barriers such as 1-inch laminated glass with exceptional weight retention while still delivering superior terminal performance.

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TAP® Rifle Training™

Delivers reliable functioning, accuracy, and point of aim / point of impact consistency compared to comparable duty rounds.

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00 Buckshot

Hornady offers two loads specially designed for the type of shotgun you use and the situations you face.

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TAP® Rifled Slug

Reliable functioning, consistent performance and tighter patterns without modification to the shotgun.

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Designed to fit a variety of mission applications including entry (limited penetration), breaching, and training.