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Why aren't there more bullets in the Hornady 4DOF database?

Hornady technicians will continue to add Hornady projectiles and other bullet brands to the database. Testing is time-consuming, but rest assured, there will be more projectiles added to the library.

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What are the differences in ammo performance between short-barreled and standard-barreled rifles?

Using a short barreled rifle will have multiple effects on ammunition performance. Hornady Ballistics Engineering Technician Jayden Quinlan explains and demonstrates how SBR's affect muzzle velocity, bullet stability, terminal performance, and safety concerns as well as how twist rates and bullet length influence stability. Field tests include... Continue Reading

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What is the difference between Critical DUTY® & Critical Defense®

Critical DUTY® handgun ammunition is built to meet the needs and requirements of LAW ENFORCEMENT and TACTICAL PROFESSIONALS, as well as those law-abiding citizens who prefer a full-size handgun for their personal protection and demand superior barrier penetration and subsequent terminal performance.*

Critical Defense® handgun... Continue Reading

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What can I expect when shooting through glass?

First, it is important to note that there are few absolutes and while these situations can be tested in a controlled laboratory setting there is no guarantee that bullets will perform exactly the same way everytime.

The biggest factor in taking a shot through glass is the angle of obliquity, or basically, how perpendicular the bullet is... Continue Reading

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Are there over-penetration risks when using 223 or 5.56 NATO ammunition?

In short, no. In fact, every Hornady® 223 Rem and 5.56 NATO load is designed to penetrate less than most service pistol cartridges. Total penetration varies from as little as 5.5 inches from the 40 grain load to 15 inches from the 62 grain barrier load. All of these are equal to or less than the FBI’s maximum recommended penetration... Continue Reading

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What is the difference between 5.56 NATO and 223 Rem ammunition?

Differences between the two are small but can have a large impact on performance, safety and weapon function.

The first difference is the higher pressure level of the 5.56 NATO cartridge which runs at approximately 58,000 psi. A 223 Remington is loaded to approximately 55,000 psi.

The second and most important difference between... Continue Reading

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What is your warranty policy?

All Hornady ammunition is warranted against material and workmanship defects. If the ammunition is found to be defective due to material or workmanship, Hornady will replace the defective ammunition at no charge to the customer.

All ammunition warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. In order to initiate a claim, please... Continue Reading

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What makes TAP® products superior?

Hornady was founded in 1949, and has grown to become an award-winning world leader in ballistic technology. A second generation family-owned business, Hornady is committed to providing nothing but the best possible hunting and shooting products on the market today. Great care is given to ensure that industry leading standards of excellence... Continue Reading

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